Sack Lunch: Part II

So one day into my healthy lunch demonstration and already a monkey wrench thrown into my plans. Apparently I don’t read my meeting invites carefully enough because yesterday I had a lunch meeting that include food. Generally my advice is to hold out but this was a looooong meeting and since we were ordering Greek, I figured I could find something do-able. The wild rice stuffed tomato was good but much more oily than need be. So yesterday’s quinoa salad was eaten with dinner.

Today’s lunch represents something a little easier to throw together. When I got home yesterday, while still in Go Mode, I quickly threw together a sandwich and salad for today’s lunch.


I didn’t use to be a big sandwich fan but this avocado and hummus combo has me sold! So rich and creamy!

In order to get the most nutritionally balanced meal, you need to use a good bread.


I’ve been slowly making my way through this loaf of Ezikel bread and I just don’t love it. I picked it up for the nutritional profile but frankly I find it tastes like the stereotype of health food: cardboard. It pales in comparison to my Fresh and Easy sprouted grain bread!

On the sandwich: a large scoop of hummus and half a large avocado sliced up. I usually toast the bread too to make it a little stronger. The avocado really weighs it down.


On the side is a small spinach salad topped with green bell peppers and a tomato. I try to mix up my salad toppings but the creature of habit in me loves tomatoes and cucumbers the most. This combo did not compare but was still decent.

I’m lucky that my office has a fridge where I can keep salad dressings but if your doesn’t have this, it’s easy to find a super small Tupperware that can hold a serving of salad dressing. Of course, today I see that the fridges in the office have recently been cleaned and so I was dressing-less. Boo.

I’m in a big fruit phase right. I bring three or so pieces a day and usually eat two. It’s a nice sweet treat that’s not candy or dessert. Sometimes snacks are granola bars and sometimes I bring some nuts. It really depends on what’s in my pantry. While I’m not always the best at this, I recommend variety. It’s the spice of life after all!

Speaking of candy, look what Will’s mom sent over:


Ugh sugar over load. The skittles and eggs don’t phase me (it’s fake candy to me) but the chocolate is my down fall. I’m sure you can relate.

Luckily there don’t seem to be Easter treats at the office yet. But when there are (because I know they’re coming), I’ll have my trusty foods from home to get me through the day.

All together now


Stay tuned for more ideas tomorrow!


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