Finally – A Good Run!

Man oh man. Today has been a million miles a minute and I’m only now slowing down. Currently, I’m plowing down on some delicious fuel.




Tofu, sautéed zucchini and sushi rice cooked in coconut oil. I talked about it earlier this week but coconut oil really does improve the flavor of everything it touches. Before I tried it, I was worried that flavor component would be coconutty but it’s not. It’s an enhanced richness. That’s the only way I can think to describe it. Try it. You won’t regret it.

The other interesting component on tonight’s plate – sushi rice. Normally I don’t eat a lot of white rice but I have this jar of sushi rice that someone gave me ages ago and I’ve been slowly working through it. For Christmas, Will gave me cute grain jars and I want to use my white rice one for something else that I eat more often but I’m not the kind of person to throw out good food. Slowly but surely, I will finish this jar. It’s kind of fun rice to eat, too, because it’s so sticky so it’s not all bad to have to eat the jar fast.

As part of this week’s habit-breaking goal to mix up my exercise routine, I headed out on my second evening run when I got home from work today. I really wish I had brought my camera with me because it was beautiful today. Normally I run through the neighborhoods surrounding my area because they are the safest place to go but since it was still light out and I knew there would be plenty of other runners and bikers out as well, I headed for the bike trail only a few blocks from my house. This trail is such a strange thing to run through such a large metropolitan area and you likely wouldn’t know it was there if someone didn’t tell you. From the entrance, it looks like a highway service road and you can see that some homeless people have made their place under the bridge near the entrance but once you get past that, you enter a path where the scenery changes every five minutes or so. First you’re running by a water dam, then a wet land, then a golf course, then the highway. It’s amazing how much greenery is tucked back between the highways. I ran a different direction than I usually do on it and was blown away by how clear the view of the mountains in the distance was. Spectacular!

It was also a good run because this was the first run in a couple of weeks that didn’t suck, confirming what I had thought on Tuesday that it has just taken me a long time to recover from my cold. While my lungs were fine, my legs still felt dead tired and I suspect that has to do with running later in the day, one the reasons I initially switched to morning workouts. Hopefully my body will adjust to this new work out time. I even had a little bread and peanut butter before heading out to curb the hunger.

Short update today. I just need to relax and regroup. Hope everyone has a good evening!


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