Millet for the Masses

Another Monday behind us! Nothing too out of the ordinary going on here. I woke up at 6 to a pitch black morning but it wasn’t too hard to drag myself out of bed to the gym for some weight lifting. I’ve been using the guided machines lately but today I returned to free weights and wow! I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle! I used to be able to do bicep curls with 15lb weights no problem but today I could barely eek out 3 sets of 6. Lesson learned I guess.

For dinner tonight, I want to talk about millet. This grain is amazing in terms of its nutritional offerings! I personally love it because it’s a complete source of vegetarian protein. It’s also high in calcium and Vitamin B and is gluten free.

I only recently started cooking with it myself and I’m still coming around to the taste and texture. I think I’ve finally found the right way to cook it, which definitely makes a difference. At first I figured it was one cup water to a half cup grain but now I’ve learned your water quantity needs to almost triple the grain. 1 cup of uncooked millet takes 2.75 cups of water.

Even cooked this way, it’s still a very starchy grain but it grows on ya!

Tonight’s cooking was intended for dinner plus lunch for tomorrow.

First, our millet.


1 cup into the pot along with 2.75 cups of water.

To cook, you bring to a boil then turn the heat to low until all the water is absorbed.

While that cooked, I chopped up my vegetables: carrots, zucchini and some mushrooms.


I could easily eat that all in one sitting but, yes, that’s for two meals.

I cooked the veggies in coconut oil, another new product in my house.


If you haven’t tried coconut oil yet, I highly recommend it. Yes, a little pricy but so is all good oil and coconut oil adds such a unique flavor. Not coconutty at all but still excellent.

Into the pan they go with some salt, pepper and white wine vinegar.


I thought about making a sauce but after surveying the cabinets, I didnt feel inspired so I decided when the vegetables were done, I would add some marinara to coat the millet.

Once the millet has finished cooking it should look like so:


I stirred in a tablespoon of hummus for good measure. Hummus gets used in several of my kitchen adventures.

Portioned out an waiting for the sauce:


And then once the veggies were cooked, I poured on the marinara and served it up.





Mmm check out that fluffy bed of millet.

Hope I’ve inspired someone to try this great grain.


7 thoughts on “Millet for the Masses

  1. WOW!! You dinner looks so delish! I think I’m going to cook it up for tonight.

    I find with weightlifting, if I don’t sleep well the night before my routine is so off.

    Here’s to getting our much ly needed beauty rest and protein packed dinners!

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