Where’s My Luck of the Irish?

Guess who’s back? While I’m not feeling 100% yet, Ive finally turned a corner. And just in time, too. I need to be well for St. Party’s day.

But wait a minute? What kind of weather is this?


Hmm I don’t know if that 8 mile run is gonna happen today. The picture doesn’t show it too well but it’s really coming down.

Today has had other mishaps as well.


Yes, that’s a picture of my trash can. It’s one of those mornings.

I woke up with grand plans to make His and Hers green waffles. I was going to make mine with whole wheat flour, agave, coconut oil, etc. For Will, the trusty BisQuixk.


A little drippy…


Even with plenty of green food coloring it still came out brown with a strange turquoise inside but good enough for me to continue on to my whole wheat version.


Roughly my ingredient list included a banana, whole wheat flour, rice milk, a smidge of coconut oil and a flax egg. All was well until I smelled the burning.

With this waffle maker, I’ve only made one successful homemade waffle and, thinking back on it, I believe it didn’t contain the banana. I’m gonna have to work on this.

For now, here’s what I ended up eating.


Not nearly as cool and not a green thing in sight. I’ll have to make up for it with some green beer tonight 😉


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