Fight This Cold With Liquids

So I seem to have relapsed. Monday’s illness is back, lingering and making work so much worse than it should be. My back seems to be very achy and sitting down is definitely not helping. I took a stroll outside around the building for five minutes or so and that was so much better than sitting here. Something about the position of this chair and these wonderful florescent lights seems to amplify my symptoms.

I knew there was no way I was going for a run this morning so I got to sleep in an hour, which was a nice change. Now that it’s lighter in the evenings and pitch black when I would usually run, I am thinking about switching my weekday runs to the evening. This sleeping in thing might become more common.

In an effort to fight this cold with food, I made a smoothly this morning instead of oatmeal even though I wanted comforting, warm food.


Because just the process of making breakfast felt like too much work, having to take pictures was not happening so you get a lovely shot of my bathroom along with the smoothy that does not seem to photograph well. I promise it’s actually a beautiful shade of purple, not sludge colored.

My smoothies contain the following:

* 1 C soy milk
* Handful of frozen mixed berries
* Handful of spinach
* 1 banana
* 1 scoop of rice protein powder

I tried doing the smoothly without the fruit for a while but it never quite did it for me. It’s not that I didn’t like the taste. You really can’t taste the spinach. It was that the smell was off putting. I don’t like the way spinach smells and when there was no frozen fruit to bulk up the smoothly, I just couldn’t do it. Just one little handful makes all the difference.

The protein powder is a recent addition. I needed to find a way to incorporate some protein into my breakfasts when I was opting for a smoothy and this powder has been wonderful.



And it was relatively cheap, too! I think it blends well and the vanilla flavor is a nice after note. I have to make sure to put it in the bottom of the blender, though. Otherwise it’s too chalky.


Delicious and nutritious.

I’ve been on mission hydrate since arriving at work. I think I’m well stocked.


My tea drawer is wonderful and I’m much happier drinking tea every morning than coffee. I still drink coffee every now and then but my body just does not do well with that much caffeine. I get way too anxious and have even had a few panic attacks back in the day. That was actually what helped me break my addiction to diet coke.

I’m hoping a few cups of tea and another day of rest will do the trick.


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