Cooking Tofu: Demystifying This Spongy Delight

Yesterday ended with more of the same.


I seem to be better today but poor Will is still pretty bad, despite his dinner of ice cream and NyQuil (tea was for me).

Today started well. A trip to the gym felt good. I lifted wights for what felt like the first time in ages even though it’s only been since last Thursday. I try to alternate weights and cardio every other day but rearranging my workouts this weekend and yesterday’s sickness have caused a little disruption.

Breakfast was the end of my Spelt flakes.


I topped it off with a banana and chia seeds per usual with some soy milk and some fun new boxed raisins for a little extra flavor. A good way to finish off this box. Tomorrow I’ll have to get creative with breakfast.




Back at work, I was a little slower than usually but over all I seem to be fine. Illness defeated.

Tonight my plan is tofu! I love tofu and have for as long as I can remember. My mom did a lot of vegetarian cooking when I was a kid so things like tofu weren’t a storage surprise to me when I started thinking about what life without meat would be made of.

Will made me a tofu stir fry for Valentine’s Day and I realized that most people don’t know how to cook tofu. It’s not like it comes with instructions. He even followed a blog recipe and they didn’t instruct anything prior to chopping it and throwing it in the pan. Of course tofu gets such a bad rep. No one is going to like soggy tofu!

I learned the basics from my mom when I called her after buying a package and realized I didn’t know how to deal with it. The rest I learned from this amazing tutorial by Emily of Daily Garnish. Check it out. She’s right – it will be the best tofu ever.

First, and probably most importantly, press your tofu!


Wrap it in a towel and put a few heavy books on top. I usually only leave mine for 10 minutes but the longer the better

Take out your pressed block and chop it up.




I only cubed half the block and put the rest away for dinner.

Next place the cubes in a HOT pan that has been greased. Let the cubes sit for 5-10 minutes (depending on how big they are).


When thy are brown, you’re good to flip. You need to flip each piece individually but I only cook two sides of the cube so you only have to do this process once. I find that two sides provides enough balance between crispy and soft.


And another couple of minutes on the second side (about half what the first side needed) and you’re ready to eat!

I paired mine with roasted mushrooms and broccoli. And barbecue sauce for dipping. This method of cooking tofu is best with some dipping sauce. Sky’s the limit for your options.


Dinner is served. Have a good night!


2 thoughts on “Cooking Tofu: Demystifying This Spongy Delight

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