Sick Day :(


It is noon on a Monday and I am still in bed. I haven’t left the bed except to go with Will to pick up his breakfast and to make some oatmeal for me. We’re sick

I occasionally get sick but it’s alway that level of sick where I’m not feeling so bad that I can’t go to work but I will inevitably feel blah for my whole work day. Sitting here in bed right now, my first sick day out of the office since I started working, I have to say this is waaaaay better.

Today is one of those borderline too sick to go to work days but since it was going to be a slow day I decide just to stay home and rest up.

Poor Will on the other hand is pretty miserable. He usually gets more sick than me. So we’ve been sniffling and complaining in bed together all morning.

Usually sickness doesn’t take much toll on my appetite but this cold seems to have. While I only feel like I have a slight cold, I haven’t had much desire to eat, although I can tell that I should. So I’ve been fueling where I can. Oatmeal for breakfast (because oatmeal always sounds like a good idea) and I just polished off some sports drink and a nectarine.


Haven’t had a nectarine in ages but I’m completed hooked now. Ands that’s not the fever talking.

Sorry I don’t have much to say today. If I’m feeling better tonight we can talk about some real food, not just nectarines and off brand sports drink.


2 thoughts on “Sick Day :(

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