Slow Down Saturday

Weekends are for this…


…slowing down and relaxing. The slowing down starting with sleeping in. Normally I’m up by 8 or 9 on weekends but, after not sleeping well, I fell asleep on the couch this morning after letting Anni out and didn’t get up until 10. So the morning was less productive than I had hoped.

Weekends come with a lot more eating out. Will asked that we venture to get pizza for lunch and his chosen destination was near a Which Witch, a place I had been interested in trying.

I went with the bowl and loaded it up on veggies. Having never been to a Which Witch before, I didn’t know that all the bags for ordering are different. I accidentally grabbed the “Wicked” bag, which adds the five meats and cheeses to whatever you get. Not what I had in mind. Luckily Will noticed the price difference and all was righted. I think it’s bizarre that you can add five meats and cheeses for just a dollar but my avocado addition is also a dollar.


So it wasn’t the most amazing salad I’ve ever had but it did the trick. I wanted to eat something light because I had plans of a 7 mile run. But the afternoon wore on and my motivation just was not there. Around 3 Will agreed to come on a walk with me and we strolled around Orange for about an hour and a half. I don’t walk much but it really should be knocked. While it certainly wasn’t a 7 mile run, I really appreciated the change in pace. It wasn’t a boring 45 minute session at the gym and Will and I just don’t get enough time to talk uninterrupted these days. And this way, I still have my run to look forward to tomorrow. I’ve been on a really good streak with my runs recently and that makes me all the more excited to get out for the next one. You know how after a few good runs you just want to run everywhere? That’s how I’ve been recently. And as I’ve add more and more miles over the last few months, I’ve felt that added confidence positively affecting my outlook on the sport.

In the spirit of slowing down, I’m off to eat my veggie sandwich from Sprouts (not my more balanced day of eating) and possibly watch a movie with Will and the Fox.

How do you relax on the weekends? Or do you spend the time getting things done that were neglected during the week?


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