Super Tuesday!

And the week moves along with another fabulous (Super) Tuesday. I spent my day at my desk looking at stock photos for eight hours. It’s all well and good but I’ve been looking at these photos for months. Not too much to get excited about there. But that’s what the food in my day is for – a little dash of fun and flavor (pun intended ;))

The day started off with a wonderful bowl of Nature’s Path Spelt Flakes. I LOVE cereal and have to limit its appearances in my meals but this week is a cereal week and I’m pumped.


In the bowl:

* 1 C cereal
* 1 banana
* ~1 TBS chia seeds (protein!)
* About 1 C unsweetened organic soy milk

I’m a morning eater so no matter what I eat for breakfast, I usually need a snack. I indulged with an apple and a few handfuls of the popcorn they make daily at my office. It’s popped in coconut oil and is sooooo goood.

Lunch was unpictured. I guess my rededication didn’t start until after I packed it last night but I can assure you it was wonderful. Leftover tofu and brussell sprouts.

But I can show you tomorrow’s lunch:


Spinach salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots along with a avocado sandwich and plenty of fruit for noshing.

I make this sandwich on a very dense, protein packed bread and so it’s the real star of my lunch. Love anything that can keep me full for more than an hour.

Off to hang out with Will for our one evening a week together! I believe we will be enjoying some take-out that he is picking up.


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