Fun Facts

I’ve decided to recommit myself to my blog because, even though I have not posted in months, I wake up every day and think about what I would post if I had kept at it. Last week, I toyed with creating a new blog but I’ve already got some content here so I figure I’ll just keep at it and see where it takes me!

So, in the spirit of putting myself out there again, here are some fun facts to get the week going:

1. When I was in fifth grade, I wanted to be ambidextrous. Really, really badly. So I switched from using my right hand to be a full-fledged lefty. It was rocky to begin. I had no control over my motion and handwriting and teeth brushing became all out chores. But somehow my fifth grade self stuck with it, showcasing a dedication I wish I could resurrect, and I developed a relatively good left handed style. Unfortunately, before I became completely proficient, my teacher demanded to my parents that I stop, lest I ruin my penmanship. Clearly she didn’t see the impending future of the computer.

2. When I applied to college I wanted to go to the East Coast. I’ve always been drawn to the colder climates and New York was my chosen city. I love it there! I applied to NYU and it wasn’t until I was rejected that I realized that was the school I had really wanted to go to. People always laugh when I tell them I had wanted to go the East Coast because I ended up on the opposite side of the country. Currently I reside in Orange, CA and it’s supposed to be 80 tomorrow. That’s a California winter for ‘ya.

3. I love a good beer. Not Coors or Miller or Bud (ewwwww) but a good IPA or something that really requires a taste for the drink. When Will and I order beers, he will ask for the light summery beer and I’ll pick the beverage with the most hops and zing.

4. In January of 2012 I made two resolutions: 1) Don’t buy crap (more on that in a later post) and 2) Strength train. As a life long cardio junky, dedicating a portion of my work out hours to weight lifting has been tough for me. I lost 40+ pounds with cardio and I continue at it to keep that weight off. Learning to trust the muscle growth those sweatless sessions are building has been a challenge all in its own. But you know what? About a month ago, I did my first full push up EVER in my entire life. And today, I estimate I could max out at about 20. While I was definitely proud when I first ran one, two, three, four miles, it never happened as fast as zero to push up.

5. I can lick my elbow. No, but seriously, I can. (You know you’re trying it…)

Happy Monday!


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