Practical Soles

I’ve been seeing so many runners (either out and about or on blogs and in magazines) who are rocking those new, barely-there, shoes that look more like a water shoe than something a serious runner would trust to protect their feet.

I’m a fan of “normal” tennis shoes. When I was first wearing down my running shoes, a pair of New Balances, back in my teens, the second pair I bought was from a very expensive store that specialized in shoes for runners. I was new to the sport and didn’t know what my requirements for a shoe were yet. I don’t think I even knew I needed to have requirements.

Those shoes turned out to be like having bricks strapped to my feet and a week or so later, I was able to buy a new pair from the New Balance store, the only brand I new I could trust.

Last year, the trend in fitness foot ware seemed to lean toward the Sketcher’s Shape-Ups and others that promised just walking from the couch to the kitchen would give you an incredible butt as long as you wore their clunky sneakers. I bought my annual pair (these ones Nikes) from the sale selection and so, once again, my shoes didn’t lend me to being part of the “cool crowd.”

Just bought these a few weeks ago. Also from the sale section so it’s only fitting that they are last year’s trend but I do really like them. I know it’s only been a few weeks but I’m sorry to say I don’t think these are going to magically transform my behind.

This morning, while I should have been hard at work, I found this column on the LA Times web site and, while I wish all the shoe reviews had pictures, I really appreciated the diversity it brought to my attention. As I mentioned above, yes, I am aware that there is more than just what the sale sections at Foot Locker has to offer me but I have not really considered trying anything else.

Creature of habit much? 😉


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