Fall Yet? + Wedding Plan Progress

It may be about 100 degrees here (and even hotter inside our house) but I’m already in a fall mood. Will and I strolled through Marshalls after dinner this evening and they just put out there Halloween items. I want them all! We are thinking that we will have our engagement party in October with a Halloween theme.

The wedding planning has moved forward quite steadily in the past few weeks. We made a preliminary guest list, picked the members of our wedding party and registered for one of those online panning sites. Lucky us, this step informed us that we have 173 tasks due by the end of the year. Fun times.

And I think we may have decided on a date. Ready…

December 15, 2012.

Yeah, that was all set until Will saw an episode of the show Four Weddings and now he is a little overwhelmed with how many options there are. At the moment, he is toying with the idea of perhaps a summer wedding, a.k.a Summer 2013. To me, either or is fine. I think I’m missing the bride gene…lol.

But I do know that I want this cute face to be part of our big day. She is going to be our Flower Fox, pushed in carriage by the flower girl.

I mean, how can you not just love her (but I will be the first to admit that she’s a bitch. As Will says, she takes after us because we don’t really like anyone else, either).


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