Coming Soon + Injury :(

I said I was going to start a blog in March. And then again in April. And in May. You get the picture. The hardest thing about starting a blog is…well, starting.

This time, I don’t know what was different but I did actually manage to create a blog and start typing. Now I just have to continue. Gotta start somewhere.

Foods that I’m playing with these days:

* Chia seeds Prior to a few weeks ago and my new obsession with vegan blogs, I had never heard of chia seeds. Upon trying them this week, it’s a love/hate. I like their nutritional profile and how much they thicken up a smoothie. However, I stupidly ate 4 tbsp. at once in a chia seed pudding a few times and that leaves one feeling a bit uncomfortable. Too much fiber/calories all at once.

* Smoothies My weekday mornings are very structured and every moment is accounted for. I don’t give much time to preparing/eating breakfast (but I NEVER miss my favorite meal) so quick meals are a must. Because I work out first thing in the morning, I am starving when I finally get to eat but need to be filled up until at least noon. I’ve been doing spinach smoothies but they need some tweaking to be more substantial. Photos/recipes to come as I get more used to having the camera with me at all food moments.

* Buckwheat More from the vegan blogs. I did buckwheat with a spinach and egg scramble a few times for lunch and liked it more than I thought I would. I’ve seen others do sweet foods with buckwheat and I don’t know if I’m brave enough for that yet lol. Again, photos/recipes to come.

* Non-dairy milk This comes from a month ago or so when I was cutting sugar out of my diet (my normal non-fat skim milk at almost 12 g per serving). I like soy the most so far, coconut second and almond third. I’m going to try rice milk this week.

Sunday’s are my cooking days and tomorrow I plan to make a meatloaf because I think Will might actually like it! After all, it’s just meat and spices (and onions, but I won’t tell if you won’t). Will has quite the picky palate. More so than you might think. It’s hard to sum up in a list or generic description. He won’t eat things like cheese or pasta but likes spinach and prefers everything bagels to the plain ones. The downside to this is I never have anyone but myself to cook for and often end up with a week’s worth of one food because the recipe thought I was cooking for a family.


I’ve only been injured once in my eight years of serious cardio. The first “injury” was the result of bad shoes. The arch in my left foot was not properly supported and I pulled the ligament. It hurt to even walk for a few days! I had to roll my foot on a tennis ball to heal it. So I bought some better shoes and have been pain-free since.

Well earlier this week I noticed the side of my right knee hurt when I got home from my work out (15-minute warm up run on treadmill, 30 high resistance on elliptical, 10-15-minute cool down down on the bike). The next day I had the same pain when I would bend my knee.

Today, I was running along way past the 15-minute warm up, nearing 35 minutes and sure today was going to be a 5 mile run kinda day when I noticed the knee pain again. I slowed it down to a walk at an incline for a while but had to stop after 10 minutes of that because it was not getting better. Even as I lay here now, I can feel it.

So no running for a while. Only no impact elliptical for the next couple of days. This is a bummer because I was just starting to really enjoy runs again. I’m not great at resting when I’m sick (or injured) but I know that I need to. Hopefully I caught this early enough that a week away from the treadmill will be all I need.

Stay tuned for updates and the verdict on will and meat loaf. I have a good feeling about this one.


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